Computer Keyboard Buying Guide

A computer's keyboard is as important to the computer as any other part of the computer setup. After all, the keyboard is what you use to input your data, whether it is while you're surfing the net or writing an essay.With that said, there a few things listed below that our product specialists recommend our customers to consider when purchasing this important part of their computer setup.Ergonomics: It is important that you find a keyboard that is comfortable for you. This can prevent things such as Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI). You might want to consider getting a keyboard that comes with a wrist rest, or buy one along with the keyboard if one isn't included. A wrist rest will keep your wrists at a proper angle, which can greatly reduce your chances of getting RSI or CTS.QWERTY vs. Natural: There are two basic designs when it comes to keyboards, either the QWERTY design or the "natural" design. The QWERTY design is what you are used to seeing, with … [Read more...]

LCD Computer Monitors on Sale

These days, the new trend in computer monitors is the use of LCD technology. In fact, the use of LCD monitors has revolutionized the computer industry that this ultra-slim and compact version has practically become the standard of the computer industry. Some may attribute it to our contemporary age of minimalism. Others may point to its extraordinary style. But whatever the reason may be, one cannot deny that almost everyone is trading their old bulky and outdated CRT monitors for LCD ones. Given this, you may wonder why people simply love LCD monitors. Well, there are so many things to look for when viewing LCD computer monitors for sale. Well, for one LCD monitors have great style. They are available in a thin and sleek interface that can fit a small table. Unlike the bulky CRT monitors that just takes too much space, the LCD monitor can easily fit your desk and even allots space for other equipment like speakers. They are also available in a variety of sizes. It is up to you on … [Read more...]

Video Games and Motion Sickness/Dizziness Can't play those new 3d games?

The main problem with video game related motion sickness/dizziness is that people fail to recognize its onset. Motion sickness suffered by video gamers is some time referred to as simulator sickness and it happens when there is a disconnect between what the eyes see and what the body feels. When the impulses from the various senses [ears, eyes, feet] are mismatched in the brain, the result is vertigo and dizziness which cause the symptoms of motion sickness. Video Game Related Motion Sickness/Dizziness: Symptoms The most common symptoms for videogame related motion sickness/dizziness are: Headaches Dizziness Nausea Heavy sweating Excessive production of saliva Video Game Related Motion Sickness/Dizziness: Treatment and Prevention The best way to tackle the onset of video game related motion sickness/dizziness is to immediately stop playing video games before it worsens. Open the windows of the room or step out and breathe in fresh air and stay there till normalcy … [Read more...]

How To Pick a CPU for Your Computer

With as many powerful CPUs on the market as there are today, it's tough to decide which one will work best with your PC setup. Intel and AMD make a huge range of processors, all intended for different PC types. So how do you pick which one will work when you're figuring out how to build a computer? Budget If you're strapped for cash, consider looking for a CPU that has been discontinued or a newer budget CPU. AMD offers a very affordable line with their Athlon series. These CPUs are great for gaming on a budget. The Intel Celeron line at 2.4 GHz and up is also good. You won't get optimal performance with gaming, video editing, or watching movies, but a budget processor should be fine to get you through basic tasks and lower end gaming. Middle of the road Mid-range processors are going to be the average computer user's best bet. The Intel Core 2 Duo is a fantastic, basic processor that gives you enough power to effectively multitask and get good speed. Quad core processors should … [Read more...]

What is the Best Browser for Surfing the Internet?

Now that Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser on the Windows operating system, it maybe time to have a look at using another browser to surf the internet.A browser is a program that enables you to view pages on the World Wide Web. You're using a browser now to read this article. And if you didn't know you're using a browser, I expect you're using the Internet Explorer browser! (It's the little ‘e' symbol you click when you want to search for something.)OK, so why would I want to change my browser?Well, all browsers have one common purpose and that is to enable you to view web pages. However, they all have pros and cons. The main disadvantage for Internet explorer is speed. It can take forever to open and a long time to open web pages. If this is causing you frustration – it's time to look at installing a new browser.There are a lot of browsers out there. Below I've selected the main (best?) five and reviewed each. This is my personal opinion and you may find that what … [Read more...]

Watch the Cincinnati Reds Online

I always get excited whenever I get the opportunity to watch the Cincinnati Reds online. This is one of baseball's most storied teams and is always the object of envy from both its National League competitors as well as American League counterparts. Many managers from competing teams quickly grow gray hairs trying to locate, hire and put into rotation five capable starters or, at least, find five healthy arms back by breathing bodies. Cincinnati always seems to come up with five great starters each year, and sometimes many more. If you're looking for great pitching exhibitions, watching the Reds will be sure to fulfill your baseball viewing dreams. You don't have to dream about finding a way to catch all Cincinnati games if you get a hold of this fabulous software I discovered on the Internet. It will give you access to any televised Cincinnati game no matter where you are. All you need to do is easily download the software, install and operate it on your own computer. Hook up to a … [Read more...]

Top Paying Computer Certifications

The top paying computer certifications can earn you a spot in one of the leading business organizations. You could be doing challenging and rewarding work for an excellent salary. If you're in the IT industry or thinking about starting a computer career, you should definitely be going after these certifications. Following is a list of the ten top paying computer certifications: 1.Certified Information Systems Security Professional: CISSP certification holders earn an average of $94,018 per year. (ISC)2 administers this certification. 2.Cisco CCVP - Certified Voice Professional: CCVP respondents earn $88,824 per year on average. 3.Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching: This routing and switching certification from Cisco can earn you an average annual salary of $93,500. 4.Cisco Certified Network Professional: The Cisco CCNP technical certification could be your ticket to a higher salary, as CCNP holders earn average salaries of $84,161 per year. 5.ITIL v2 - Foundations: This certification … [Read more...]

Considering a Career in Computer Programming

As long as technology continues to develop, the demand for trained and skilled professionals in the IT sector will continue to thrive. Businesses and industries are always searching for professional programmers in departments like administration, security, and management. The growth of the Internet has seen a rise in wireless operations, networks, and client/server developments. With technology rapidly changing, the need for computer programming jobs is expected to increase to fulfill the growing demand. As a programmer, your responsibilities evolve continuously. When choosing a computer programming degree, look for a course that is up to date with latest developments, advancements and equipment. In order to succeed, programmers need to constantly brush up their skills and knowledge in the field. Job applicants can also enhance their chances in the competitive job market by becoming certified in various languages. Many computer programming degrees also train their students for relevant … [Read more...]

Computer Monitoring Software – is it Ethical?

Computer monitoring software is used to spy on a person's internet activities. There are software programs nowadays that can track everything a person does on the computer - record instant message conversations, log emails sent and received, record all visited websites, so on and so on. The programs can be hidden from the unsuspecting user, and they usually have no idea they are being monitored. Only the person who installed it, and is doing the monitoring, will know where it is, and how to access all the devious activity, if there is any. There are three primary uses for computer monitoring. To monitor your child's internet activity, spy on your spouse or partner, or track your employees activities at the workplace (if you own a business). Is it ethical? In most cases I believe it is, in others there is a gray area. In the case of monitoring our children, I do believe we as parents have every right to know what they are up to. The internet can be a very dangerous place for kids, … [Read more...]

Paid Surveys – Easy Way to Make Your Computer a Cash Machine

There are million ways of making money online. You can make money online in your spare time from your living room. Do you know any better job than sitting in front of your computer and making money. Well, I don't see one! These days making money online is much easier than it was years ago. If you have a computer and an internet connection, than I have a great way for you to make some extra money every day. So let's make your computer a cash machine! The easiest way is by doing surveys. You simply make money by filling out surveys. Companies will send you surveys regarding your hobbies and fields of expertise that you select. Once you registered with them they will start sending you surveys. But you have to be careful whit picking the right companies. You see there are over 5 million online survey companies and many are really good and reliable, but if you stuck with only a few fraud ones you'll be wasting your time and money. Here are some facts and tips that will help you to pick … [Read more...]