Computer Lap Desks

Laptop computers were designed to make life easier by allowing the user to carry them around all the time and work anywhere at anytime. Though this is a godsend, laptop computers have a major drawback.

The portability of these machines may be their strength, but they are designed in such a way that the user has to adopt an array of uncomfortable positions to work on it. The lack of proper screen height or proper keyboard angles means that laptop users are oftentimes required to crane their necks or strain their wrists unnecessarily. Needless to say, constant crating of the neck, training of the wrists or sitting in bad positions can take its toll on the health of the user.

Computer lap desks are provided to relieve laptop users of the need to use these uncomfortable postures. Many computer lap desks come with features that include adjustable angles and heights. This allows the user to adjust the position of the laptop to suit a position, resulting in greater levels of comfort. When lying down, the lap desk can be adjusted so that the screen is elevated and the keyboard tilted forward, so that the neck, wrists and back are not unduly strained.

Computer lap desks are available in a variety of styles, looks and designs – each having its own unique features. There are some lap desks that come with a tapered pillow and large surface areas coupled with mouse friendly surfaces. Many lap desks are made from durable materials such as canvas, plastic, wood, aluminum and foam pillow. Most lap desks also have undersides that are rubberized to prevent the desk from slipping off of your lap. Dual risers are also provided to elevate the laptop and allow the computer's cooling fans to work property, thereby preventing the computer, as well as the user's lap, from getting uncomfortably warm.

Source by Ken Marlborough

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