Why Is My Computer Slow?

This was a problem that bothered me before, when my PC started to run really slowly for seemingly no reason at all. In worse cases, it might even start freezing, forcing me to reboot and losing all my data. There are generally 2 ways to increase your computer speed, and these methods will be described in the following paragraphs.

1. Install More RAM

If you know that you have a computer with low memory, you should look to buy more RAM as you start installing more programs into it. However, there is another way to improve your PC performance.

2. Repairing And Optimizing The Registry

This is almost a surefire to improve your computer performance if you have never cleaned your registry before. Before that, you may want to understand what it is, and why repairing it can increase your computer speed.

The registry is the area where the computer stores its instructions for the program files to run. These instructions are stored in registry keys and entries in different parts of the area. After a prolonged period of use, many of the entries get moved around, and end up in a mess if not cleaned up. It is almost impossible and very risky to fix them yourself unless you have technical expertise with repairing authorities.

3. Effects Of Repairing Registries

After using a cleaner software myself, my computer has started running faster than before. All the program applications are taking a shorter time to load now, including the log in process and the startup time of the computer. The software will also fix missing files and shortcut links if they exist on your computer.

4. Maintaining The Registry

To keep your PC running smoothly, you should schedule your software to run a scan and fix every one or two weeks. A good cleaner should not take too long to run the scan on your registry.

5. Downloading A Registry Cleaner

There are many cleaning software available for download on the internet, and it can be very tricky trying to pick the correct one for you. Personally, I have used one of the highest rated registry cleaners on the market, and would recommend it to you if your computer is running really slow, and you think you might have errors in your registries. Visit my website link at the end of this article to learn more about it.

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Moving Abroad – Using Your iMac Computer in Europe

Moving to a new country is a fun and exciting experience, but there can be numerous technology challenges associated with relocating abroad. If you own an Apple iMac computer, you may find replacing the main power cord a bit of a challenge.

Unlike most of Apple’s products, the iMac can’t use the popular World Traveler Kit, which comes with plug adapters for six different countries. Why can’t the iMac use the adapter kit? The iMac doesn’t have a removable plug (or the white box that plugs into the wall). Instead, it’s one thick power cord from the back of the computer/monitor to the wall.

What complicates the situation is the it isn’t possible to buy a European power cord for your iMac from Apple in the United States. It cannot be purchased in Apple stores, online or over the phone. If you aren’t in a rush to use your computer when you arrive, you can purchase a cord over the phone in your particular European country.

But, if you need to be up and running soon after arriving, it’s important to purchase your new cord for your iMac before departing. Thankfully, there are a handful of online retailers that provide access to generic European power sources and that can be purchased in the United States. The key is knowing the proper search terms to find and purchase the product.

Here are three search phrases we’ve used to find the right product:

  • European power cord for computer
  • PC european power cord
  • Computer plug for use in Europe

Since it’s not possible to test your new power source before you leave, it may be prudent to visit a computer store in your new country of residence to ensure that you’ve purchased the correct product.

Source by Kate Hash

Antivirus Support Services to Fix Computer Programs and Software

Antivirus is not the new terminology in the digital world. The services of antiviruses are used by the different companies and organizations worldwide, to keep in check of the threats like malware, spyware or adware etc. With the fast-paced world, it is essential to keep oneself updated of the different PC software is an antivirus software. If one is the newbie in the technological world and is not aware of the Antivirus software then it is quite necessary to keep the check of the quality and services that turn the better results in the limited time. The support of the latest antivirus hubs can turn out the better results.

Wondering, what is a virus and how they affect the computer programs?

Viruses are programs written by professional computer programmers; to affect the performance of the system or applications software installed in a computer. A computer virus normally works in accordance to command sets of computer programs; and are not active until they execute when the program attacked is running. It affects the computer software and hardware indirectly, resulting to the heavy losses in future. The major work of an antivirus is to detect and remove these computer viruses before they infect a computer‘s system programs or application software; damaging useful files stored in a computer

Antivirus Support of Business Growth

Some businesses, however, use more hand-on networks and carry a lot of sensitive information. Corporations that handle finances, health records, or truly any storing of personal information on their system should invest in more sophisticated malware protection.

Basic antivirus systems will identify threats that are being sent every day, provided your antivirus systems are updated regularly. Most antivirus systems now are automated to update on a regular basis, so that shouldn’t be an issue. The regular check is necessary to keep many things in check.

The paid antivirus tools and services allow for wider protection and provide the number of resources needed to really offer your network the full protection it needs to be safe.

Features of the Antivirus support to fix computer programs

Real-time analysis

The data help to keep in check the programs for the further attacks. It is most important to be considered before purchasing an antivirus software for the perfect operating system. Real-time analysis can keep entire network need a full-time protection against malware that may attack your system at any time. Continuous scan and monitoring are also some of the important points, that can be considered.

Perfect scanning

With the market analysis of choosing from the top-notch services, scanning allows keeping aware of secretly attacked and infected your computer programs and files. Not all antivirus software will have this feature; as such, it is important to compare and ensure that the antivirus suite with your select strategy.

Performance strategy with antivirus removal

With a lot of antivirus playing the precious role in the tech industry, it is important to keep with the excellent antivirus software. It is used to detect and remove a virus automatically. Many antivirus programs will detect but not remove effectively computer viruses, and this feature is what differentiates antivirus programs in terms of performance.

Antivirus Update

The mechanism must be available so that anyone can quickly make maximum use of the latest updates.

All these features have been showing improvement with business and work life.

Source by John Martin

Best PC Chess Games Review – Computer Chess Simulators to Boost Your Game

One of the finest means of training in chess is with the application of a PC chess game, specifically for most beginners. Simply an electronic representation, a chess PC game can only be played in the computer, unlike typical or large chess sets. Irrespective however, for beginners, it is an excellent way to start learning chess, or for amateurs and professionals, it is a great way to enhance strategizing skills. Also called chess simulators, there are many kinds of PC chess games available now in the web now.

These chess simulators help a player learn how to play chess and its strategies and most, if not all, have changing difficulties that will offer an appropriate test for numerous kinds of players. So, which one is best for you?

An ideal game for the beginner is the Personal Chess Trainer 3.36 because it gives beneficial key chess concepts and positions. This program primarily focuses on enhancing a player's tactical, strategy and endgame making skills. For simply $ 49.90, the Personal Chess Trainer can be yours.

The Opening Trainer 1.1 is another useful game for both beginners and amateurs. A player's move-making and opening skills can be developed with this game. It can help cope with various kinds of difficulties for your present needs, though it does not randomly select positions and training moves. Designed by Chess Technologies, it is now on sale for $ 39.95.

By far the best PC chess game for all chess players is the Shredder Classic 3. Made by a world computer chess champion, this game has multiple functions, which can examine and correct the player's moves. The game also adapts to a player's skill and learning curve when simulating a game. On sale for $ 35.99, this fancy game can be yours.

The adjustable theme of the chess pieces is one cool feature encountered in many PC chess games. For example, people who enjoy Harry Potter will certainly enjoy the Harry Potter PC Chess Game, which features many of the loved characters from the novel and movie. Many of the film's animation effects have also been incorporated into the game. As a way to make the game more realistic and intriguing, the material of the pieces and board may even be changed, like pewter, plastic, stone, glass, onyx, and so on.

There are many online PC chess games you can come across today, with the simplicity of accessibility of the web. You'll certainly be up to your neck in free chess games, by simply looking for "free pc games chess" in search engine internet sites, such as Google and Yahoo. However, compared to licensed games, these free games are not as easy to customize or useful.

There are many PC chess games out there today, with some being free of charge, while others are offered for a price. With the attractiveness of chess, this is not surprising. However, there are a few chess simulators on the market that are superior to most others.

Source by Richie Chan

Free Virus Protection Software – How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

If you want to find the best free virus protection software, you have definitely come to the right place. Very simply, there are many websites that offer this today, but you want to make sure you find software that is effective at eliminating the viruses. Get this wrong, and your computer is doomed.

First of all, here is a quick explanation of exactly what a virus is and why it's so important to ensure you keep them off your operating system and then some antivirus reviews to help you find the best. While there is not room to go into the 10 best antivirus programs, as many people want, there is a recommendation for which software is the best.

Very simply, a computer virus is essentially something that uses real programs and feed off of them. They generally begin working right away and are built specifically to destroy computer files, programs, etc. Generally speaking, you are most at risk for receiving viruses whenever downloading a piece of software of the internet, so you obviously need to be very careful about where you download from.

Of course, even if you are as careful as you can possibly be, you still are at risk of having your computer infected. Even opening up certain emails can give your computer a virus.

While you certainly need to be careful and diligent about which sites you visit and which emails you open, no amount of precaution should substitute for getting good free virus protection software. Very simply, your computer depends on it.

So where should you get your anti virus software from? Why not go to the leading internet search company around-Google?

Very recently, they introduced something called the Google Pack, which contains more than ten different and free software applications, including anti virus software. This software obviously is not designed by Google, but they get them from a top notch anti virus company.

Included in this is the Norton AntiVirus software, which is one of the top anti virus software applications anywhere. When you get the Google Pack, you get this for free. Whenever it's been tested by experts, it always performs admirably at protecting operating systems.

Obviously, there are many great anti virus software applications you can get for free, but you can be assured that the Norton is among the best, and having it backed by Google gives it a further stamp of approval. Therefore, I'd recommend trusting your computer to this application, as it's simply one of the best free virus protection software packages around.

Source by Jimmy Henderson