I Cannot Believe That She Died

She died right away.

Now without the goodbye, she went away. It will be funeral tomorrow. Now, you keep sitting in the same chair in your home and you are waiting for her until she comes back from work.

Hey! Wake up! She died yesterday! “I know, I know”- you repeat.

You lie everyone around but the truth is that you feel huge confusion and you are heartbroken inside. You cannot believe she died and you have no idea how to distance yourself from this heavy feeling. It is too difficult for you and it keeps you more stuck and more confused each day.

When you lose your loved one, you suffer from a huge shock. Your mind is not ready for losing somebody important now. You wished to be together forever. You didn’t plan this to happen. It is pretty uncomfortable to think about death when you both are alive and live together.

This shock is a part of your programming. The irony is that you have the program in your mind like a computer has one. “I can’t believe she died” – is one of many believes related to your grieving now. It makes you sad, hopeless, frightened, abandoned, frozen, enslaved.

The worst part is that you keep waiting for her. This creates even more depression and more sadness. At the end of the day, you cannot live as a normal human being and life is miserable.

This belief is also like a movie of your past. It relates to old, experiences when you lived with your loved one. There are other memories related to your past as you still hold them in your mind. The subconscious programming unable you to function as a free human being. This creates even more sadness and more depression.

The only way to cope with life by many people is to take antidepressants that only suppress the pain. It covers it up the real source of grieving problem. I don’t think it will go away when you wait. It will subside a bit until one day it will show up suddenly. You to relive painful grieving experience once again. Your holistic energetic field is then lack of essential energy. This shock may stay with you for many years, while you will lose many life opportunities along the way.

These beliefs destroy your life! The shock is not permanent unless you address this issues and release it from your heart and mind for good. If you do it, your life force energy will be back to your body. You will be self-empowered back again. You will take your life on track and become an independent human being who can lead a normal, happy life once again.

But this lost time will never go away. Why not live now instead of being stuck in a programmed matrix? I choose freedom.

Source by Iga Wisniewska

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